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General Information

The goal is to provide an environment for a small group of academically motivated students attending McMaster University as a full time undergraduate student.

Room Rates: $600-$1000; priority will be given to 12 month rentals. These prices are based on one person per room.

Rooms are rented individually. The fee is based on a 12 month cycle with the yearly rental being from $7200 to $12000 for a single room. Common area is shared equally by all the students in a manner that is agreeable to all the students and the landlord. Minimal visitors are allowed with no overnight guests. It is a non-smoking and pet free environment.


Utilities and internet are included. This is a single shared Internet line for all tenants in the house. If your need extra data then you’ are welcome to get your own separate internet line which will not be covered in the rent. Similarly, the use of internet data and hydro (mainly related to air conditioning use) is included with the proviso that it is approximately the same as the historical averages in previous years. If it were to significantly increase, then the individuals involved would be required to pay additional fees. What this basically means is turn off the lights and A/C when not needed.

  • • Video surveillance, professional landscaping included.
  • • Parking is unavailable
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